Tuesday, March 13, 2018

NEW BOOK RELEASED: Becoming My Girlfriend's Bimbo

Hi everyone! Just want to announce that I have published my second book on Amazon Select today! You can find it here: 

Becoming my Girlfriend's Bimbo

After another long day at the office, Chris is determined to brighten up his girlfriend Jessicas mood. He figured he can get a rise from her by putting on some of her office girl clothes, but hes not ready for the feelings they bring upon him once theyre on.

Hes going for a laugh but instead is received with a level of lust hes never seen from Jessica. Is this a onetime surprise or a shift in their relationship? Krystal might be hanging around more than Chris expected, but after some alterations he might not care.

Word Count: 7500+


As usual thanks so so so much for all of your support! It all really means the world to me. 

As I hoped, it seems like publishing my first book has spurred me onto a bit of a creative streak. I'm super excited to be able to get another one out after only a month and I have plenty more in the works.

Here's the caption that inspired the book:


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